Network When Job Hunting

Talk to the sources that might be able to help you throughout the job-hunting process. Contact your family, friends, past colleagues, previous boss(s), and anyone else who might help you get information and leads. They should know what type of job you are interested in and in what industry. Remember the only place that it should be a secret that you are job hunting is at your current job if you have one.

Choose 3 people for referral and make sure they are ok with giving you a referral when the time comes.  Get all the necessary contact information such as their phone, email address, and title.

When you go to job fairs, don’t just hand out your resume to recruiters. Have a short conversation with each of them. Ask a few questions. Ask for their business cards or email addresses. Tell them you will follow-up on the conversation via email (Download Sample Follow-Up Email).

Be sure to send off the email when you get home. Thank the recruiters for taking the time to talk to you and to find out what your job interest is. Note that you are available to answer any questions that they might have via phone or email. You should also send a follow-up letter immediately upon receiving a job interview.

Post your resume on multiple job search sites, sign up with staffing agencies, and visit companies of interest career pages to see what they have to offer. Reach out to contacts at companies that you would like to work for. In a competitive job market the more sources you have the better.

How to write a thank you letter after a job interview.

Wesley Lewis

2695 Snellville Rd
Snellville, GA 30078
March 18, 2020

Ms. Jane Jones
personal manager
Johnson Industries, Inc
3275 Jobs Rd
Snellville, GA 30078

Dear Ms. Jones:

Thank you for the informative and pleasant interview we had last Thursday. Please extend my thanks to  Mr. Johnson of the Accounting Department as well.

I came away from our meeting most favorably impressed with Johnson Industries. I find the position you are filling to be an attractive one and feel confident that my qualifications would enable me to perform the duties to everyone’s advantage.

If I can answer any further questions, please let me know. Phone: 404-000-0000. Email:

I am looking forward to hearing your final decision. Thanks again.

Wesley Lewis
Wesley Lewis