Video interview tips

How to prepare for a video interview

Technology has been changing the world and will continue to do so.  The way we job search, interview, get hired, and work has changed so much. Environmental changes and interruptions such as COVID-19 have also forced organizations to change their hiring practices.  One of the changes many companies are making is in-person interviews. The Video interview has become one of the tools that companies are using to recruit employees of all levels.

In a recent survey put out by OfficeTeam, it was discovered that 63 percent of human resource managers use or have used video interviewing recently in the hiring process.  Companies are replacing lengthy phone screening with video interviews to get a better feel for a job candidate before an in-person interview or make a decision to hire.

The vast majority of video interviews are live video interviews where webcam are use face to face between recruiters and candidates. Recruiter use platforms such as Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Go To Meeting. These platforms allow recruiters to record interviews for review and share with others such as upper management.

Here are a few tips on video interviews.

Recruiters will give you advance notice of the time and date of the interview. Use this time to prepare.

Don’t take the video interview lightly.  Put yourself in the mindset as if the interview is an in-person interview. Many employees are hired just from video interviews so, don’t expect a second chance. Get it right the first time.

Notify everyone in your household of the time and date of your video interview and that you should not be disturbed at such time.

Prepare to answer and ask your recruiter’s questions.

Test and make sure your systems(camera and microphone) are in working order.

Prepare a suitable place where you will not be disturbed.

Sit with your back next to a wall or, a window is ideal.

Make sure there are no background distractions and noise.

Put pets away if any.

Sit at an office desk or table.

Avoid your couch and sofa for your interview.

Use a PC or Laptop with an external camera.

If at all possible do not use Wifi. Connect directly to the internet.

Sit up straight and limit your body movement ( Good hand gesture is fine).

Don’t look away from your PC or Laptop.

If you have to use a smartphone put it on do not disturb mode (block incoming calls).

Dress as if the interview is an in-person interview.

Make sure all systems are ready to go before the interview.

Be ready and waiting for the recruiter don’t let them wait for you.

Look directly into the camera when answering or asking questions.

Put your phone on mute.

Remember good preparation will boost your confidence during the interview, allowing you to shine throughout the interview process, and increase your chance of getting the job.

Visit this Youtube video for more insight on a virtual job interview

Finally: Don’t forget to send the thank you letter. Read my blog, Network When Job Hunting to see a sample thank you letter after a job interview.

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